SUGALIPS | Lip Scrub
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SUGALIPS | Lip Scrub

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 Ingredients: cane sugar, vitamin E & blends of essential oils


✔ Natural

✔ Preservatives Free


✔ Vegan and Cruelty-free 

✔ Essential Oils

Sugalips lip scrub gently exfoliates dead & dry skin on lips, leaving smoother lips and prepped for perfect lipstick application. our Sugalips lip scrub is a yummy blend of fine cane sugar, vitamin E & blends of essential oils.

Available in 4 flavors: Coconut Bliss, Strawberrio, Cherry Yum., Peppermint Cin.

Storage: Store in cool dry place. Use within 4 months of purchase.

Quantity: 11g | 0.39 Oz.

How to use: For a polished pout, apply in a light circular motion, then wipe off with a damp washcloth & follow up with a lipubble lip cream.